The Job Management and Tracking System (JMTS) is a web based application intended to be used as the central system that facilitates the processes of recording, editing, viewing, reporting and tracking requisite data for any job undertaken by an enterprise.

The system is intended to be used by authorized users only. An authorized user shall be given predefined privileges. The intent behind the user privileges component of the JMTS is to ensure that authorised users can only execute predefined types of queries or tasks that are in accordance with the guidance of relevant standard operational or quality system procedures.

Currently, the JMTS works best when it is accessed via a Google Chrome Browser (or browsers, such as Chromium and Rockmelt, with a Google Chrome backend coding). Other cutting edge browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Safari will also work reasonably well with the JMTS. Internet Explorer is not a recommended browser to use when accessing the JMTS. This browser may negatively impact on the intended user experience with the JMTS in ways such as faulty Graphical User Interface (GUI) display, slow functionality and so on.